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PepsiCo has responded to a lawsuit by a consumer and the Center for Science in the Public interest (CSPI) by agreeing to change the labels on its Tropicana Peach Papaya and Strawberry Melon drinks, from "real fruit juice" to "flavored juice drink/from concentrate with other natural flavors."

PepsiCo will pay the New Jersey man $2,500, donate $100,000 to the American Heart Association programs in New Jersey and cover attorney fees.

While the company said the old label complied with federal guidelines, spokesman Dave DeCecco said that it wanted “to take every opportunity to provide nutrition information about our products and clearly communicate what's inside each package."
KC's View:
Here’s our question. What kind of regulations do we have that make "real fruit juice" and "flavored juice drink/from concentrate with other natural flavors” interchangeable from a legal perspective?