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MNB was intrigued by a column that ran in the Seattle Times the other day by Charles Stuart Platkin, in which he addressed some basic questions about food, such as:

• Can you leave coffee in the pot and drink it the next day?
• Do eggs really need to be refrigerated?
• Does putting bread in the refrigerator keep it from getting stale?
• Is it okay to eat bananas that have black or brown spots?
• Can you refreeze meat, poultry and other foods once they've been defrosted?
• Does freezer burn make food unsafe to eat?

The column was interesting because it illustrates just some of the questions that consumers have – and that aren’t always being answered by the stores they patronize.
KC's View:
This is an opportunity – not just to answer common and uncommon questions, but also to create community for the people who shop and work in stores.

The answers, by the way, are:

• Yes. (Not that you’d want to.)
• Yes. (Otherwise you may get salmonella.)
• No. (It actually goes stale faster in the fridge.)
• Yes. (As long as you don’t mind the taste.)
• Yes. (But only if you do so quickly after defrosting.)
• No. (It won’t hurt you. It’ll just taste lousy.)

Here’s are additional questions to ask and answer:

Did you know the answers to these and similar questions? Do your store employees know the answers? How about your shoppers?