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Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett reportedly has sold his 50 percent stake in the 17-unit “Cheeseburger in Paradise” restaurant chain to his partner, Outback Steakhouse Inc.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, Buffett reportedly will continue to have a say in the chain’s operations, licensing the title of his popular song to Outback for use on the restaurants in exchange for 4.5 percent of sales. Buffett also will continue to own a percentage of the Margaritaville restaurant chain.
KC's View:
Okay, this isn’t a big story. But we couldn’t resist a story that had to do with food and Buffett.

By the way, is there another songwriter who has mentioned food and drink so often in his songs?

Cheeseburgers, margaritas, rum, oysters and beer, gumbo, etc…

Our kind of guy. In so many ways.