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Sometimes, Wal-Mart can’t get a break.

Published reports say that because Wal-Mart didn’t use the correct postage on documents appealing the defeat of its plan for a new 207,000 square foot store in Central Point, Oregon, the case has been dismissed.

Wal-Mart apparently sent the documents to the state Court of Appeals via certified mail, assuring that they would be received there on time – but only used first class mail to send copies to the city and a citizen s group – and because they didn’t get the materials on time, the court said they had not been filed in a timely manner.

No word on whether Wal-Mart plans to appeal. Again. Using, perhaps FedEx, which is what you’re supposed to use when you absolutely, positively have to have it overnight.

The company can, however, take some solace in the fact that when the city of Medford, Oregon, wanted to appeal a decision allowing the building of a store there, it made very much the same mistake – sending the appeal documents via first class mail, which meant that there was no record of mailing and delivery.
KC's View:
What goes around, comes around.

Just not by mail.