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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the North Coast Winegrowers Association (NCWA) is predicting that even as Pinot Noir is more and more popular among wine drinkers, this year’s crop is expected to be “well below average in size” because of a variety of climate conditions.

Sauvignon Blanc also is expected to be in limited supply, while other grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay are predicted to have average or above-average harvests.

The Chronicle writes, “An ACNielsen report issued earlier this week showed that Pinot Noir sales in U.S. food stores are up 77 percent by volume over the last 13 weeks surveyed, compared to the same period the year before. Sauvignon Blanc sales are up 3.2 percent over the same period.”
KC's View:
This is going to cause real anxiety for Miles Raymond…

It seems to us that armed with this kind of information, retailers can start planning to turn limited Pinot Noir supplies into effective and business-building marketing events.

As for us, we’re going to start stashing our supplies now…