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The Business Journal of Jacksonville reports that some analysts believe that bankrupt Winn-Dixie – which has decided to sell 326 of its stores, and already has auctioned off 102 of them – may have to cut deeper if it is to remain viable in the future.

“The lucrative New Orleans market is a likely place for the Jacksonville based grocer to start,” the Business Journal writes. “Louisiana markets are among the few outside Florida where Winn-Dixie has not slipped to third place or lower in market share” - the implication being that Winn-Dixie actually might be able to make more money if it sold stores that were actually worth something.

And, “Louisiana also represents the farthest concentration of stores from Winn-Dixie's preferred markets in Florida and Southern Georgia.”
KC's View:
We’re more interested in knowing what Winn-Dixie plans to be than we are in what the company plans to cut.

In the end, that will be a lot more important to its survival.