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  • Patrick Ricard, CEO of French beverage company Pernod Ricard SA, told the Financial Times that the government there is wrong to propose legislation that would prevent French companies from being bought by foreign concerns.

    "You cannot be pleased when Pernod Ricard buys a British company, but then say that the foreigners do not have the right to take over French companies," Ricard said, also noting that "it is not the role of the state to do this.”

    The legislation was prompted by the rumored sale of Danone to PepsiCo, which never happened but got a lot of French folks all riled up.

  • Rite Aid announced yesterday that it is now printing prescription labels in 11 different languages - English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Russian or Portuguese.

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. has agreed top what is called a “success fee” for the turnaround specialists working to rescue the company from its financial travails. Consultant Kroll Zolfo Cooper LLC will get a warrant for 1.2 million shares at $7.75 a share apiece for its work, Krispy Kreme said in a prepared statement."

    Negotiating for an equity-based success fee reflects our strong confidence in the long-term prospects of Krispy Kreme," company CEO Stephen Cooper said. "While the company still faces a number of challenges, we believe that Krispy Kreme has a bright future."

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