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Roundy’s Supermarkets, which has been emphasizing its 132-unit retailing operation, has agreed to sell its grocery distribution business to Supervalu Inc. The deal affects the supply contracts that Roundy’s has with 50 unaffiliated stores operated by 21 retailers, and will not affect the company’s distribution functions to its owned and licensed stores.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The retailers being served by Roundy's distribution centers in Oconomowoc and Stevens Point will shortly be served by Supervalu distribution centers in Green Bay and Pleasant Prairie.

Earlier this year, Roundy's sold distribution centers in Lima, Ohio, and Westville, Ind., to Nash Finch for $225 million.
KC's View:
We had a chance to spend some time with the Roundy’s folks a few months back, and we are impressed with the level of commitment the company seems to have to the retail environment – improving it at every level, and defining the company to consumers through the satisfaction of the shopping experience. This is a company that wants to recreate its culture around the shopper…which is rarer and harder than you might think.

It won’t be easy, painless or without missteps. But Roundy’s, led by its estimable CEO Bob Mariano, strikes us as headed in the right direction.