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CNET News reports that Nolan Bushnell - the father of the video game, founder of Atari and the creator of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain – has a new idea.

The uWink Media Bistro is scheduled to launch this fall with its first unit in Los Angeles, and expand if the reception live sup to expectations. The Bistro will be different, Bushnell says, because it will offer twentysomething patrons the opportunity to eat, drink and use a tabletop gaming system that will allow them to play each other or against other patrons – even people they don’t know. The games will be range from the easy to the complex, and the company will be able to easily download new ones at any time.

“I think that the time is always right for a new kind of entertainment," Bushnell tells CNET News. "And particularly in a world in which people are having a hard time meeting other people...Today, there's a great need for a social place for young people."
KC's View:
What makes this interesting is the fact that Bushnell also is focusing on the food, hiring John Kaufman, who has worked at place such as California Pizza Kitchen, to run the Media Bistro's restaurant operations.

It won’t be for us. But we’ve seen a lot dumber ideas succeed.