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  • A new study from ACNielsen says that “American consumers rate themselves as the world's most savvy shoppers when it comes to understanding nutrition labels on the foods they buy. But rather than worry about preservatives or additives, most U.S. shoppers focus on fat content and calories.” In addition, the study says that about half of Americans often don’t check the ingredients on packages they are buying.

    Alice Fawver, senior vice president, Retail Measurement Services, ACNielsen U.S. Marketing, said, "Food labels represent an important opportunity for consumer packaged goods manufacturers to differentiate their products and build consumer trust, but the opportunities are lost if labels aren't being read. This survey shows a lot of upside potential for getting consumers involved in using product labels."

  • Marsh Supermarkets reportedly is looking to expand its presence in the Midwest, moving beyond its current 66 units to move into new markets.

  • Safeway Inc. has been ordered by a California Superior Court judge to stop selling gasoline at below cost, saying that the policy is designed specifically to hurt competition (which is against state law).

    However, Safeway maintains that it hasn’t broken any laws, and has not changed its pricing.

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