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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on how “a handful of entrepreneurs aim to take the term ‘diet drink’ to a whole new level, promising to speed metabolism, burn calories, and aid in weight loss.”

These products include brands with names like Skinny Water, Celsius, and Fuze Slenderize – all of which claim to help people lose weight. And, the Journal Constitution reports, companies like Coca-Cola and Nestlé seem likely to get into the game if they can establish that a sufficient market for them exists.

The paper also notes that at least some nutritionists and scientists are willing to back up the products’ claims.
KC's View:
We find it hard to believe that there won’t be a significant market for these products – whether they work or not.

Right here, right now, we’re willing to volunteer to any company that wants to use us as a guinea pig to find out whether these products really work.