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  • Japanese health officials say that frozen duck meat that was shipped from China to Japan two years ago contained the bird flu virus – though the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the meat presented no danger to consumers as long as they were careful in preparation (washing hands and countertops and making sure the meat is thoroughly cooked).

    The report, according to officials, illustrates how persistent and aggressive the bird flu virus is.

  • Chile announced that it will begin permitting the import of US beef, reversing a policy that was established after a case of mad cow disease was found in the US in December 2003. The decision comes as the Us has reopened its border to Canadian beef, and as the Bush administration negotiates with Japan to get that country to once again allow US beef to cross its borders.

  • Executives at Danone, which sells Evian water and various dairy products, said that there is no truth to rumors that the company has been contacted by potential bidders, and that it has been doing “business as usual.”

    The company’s stock price has been fluctuating this week because of reports that it might be acquired by PepsiCo.

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