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The Contra Costa Times reports that men apparently are paying more attention than ever to their looks, buying skin care products to an extent that has not been seen before.

“Sales of men's skin care products sold in department stores jumped 13 percent last year, more than twice the total growth for the overall and women's skincare markets, according to NPD Group, a marketing information company,” the Times writes. “In 2003, revenues from men's skin care products rose 10 percent while the women's and total market advanced only 6 percent.

“The growth in the market isn't relegated to the high-end products. Sales of men's skincare products surged 68.6 percent at mass market retailers compared to a 6 percent increase for women's products, according to the research firm ACNielsen. Men's shampoo and conditioner sales rose 17 percent while the market for women and unisex hair products was flat.”

The shifts are affecting product selection in mainstream stores as well as in upscale shops, as men react to cultural pressure to look younger/fitter/better. And analysts expect that the trend will continue for at least several years, in part because to a great extent the category remains fairly untapped.
KC's View:
We were in NYC yesterday, and were walking through Grand Central Terminal – and noted an enormous amount of advertising for L’Oreal’s new line of men’s skin care products. A phenomenal amount of advertising, really, impossible to miss or ignore.

So this clearly is a big deal.

We have a little trouble relating to this trend, but on the other hand, maybe a little something to tighten up the sagging skin and maybe get ride of some wrinkles might not be a bad idea.