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  • A July 27 hearing into whether the US border should be permanently closed to Canadian cattle – or, to be more accurate, re-closed, since another court opened it this week – has been delayed.

    The Montana judge who issued a temporary injunction keeping the border closed – which was overruled by the appeals court – said he needed more time to review the appeal court decision before dealing with the issue from the bench.

  • The state of Ohio, falling into line with what appears to be the prevailing legislative and judicial mood, has struck down restrictions on out-of-state direct wine shipments to the state’s residents and businesses. The previous restrictions were overturned by a US District judge who ruled that the rules were discriminatory.

  • Cadbury Schweppes America's Beverages has announced that it will discontinue its caffeinated version of 7Up, known as dnL (7Up upside down), because of poor performance.

    The product was launched in 2002 to compete with energy drinks.

  • Japanese c-store operator FamilyMart has opened its first US store – what it calls a “luxury convenience store” with Japanese foodservice offerings - in West Hollywood, California. The chain plans to have 200 US units by 2009.

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