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This month’s Xtreme Retail23, which reports on the latest issues, marketing analysis and trends focused on innovations in 23 different retailing segments, reports that “for years, barcodes have served as vital tools for tracking inventory, checking prices and identifying items. And because they are used worldwide, they have become the universal coding language for most retail products. The simple technology of the barcode has functioned at the business level for decades. Harnessing this technology at the consumer level, however, has not been possible on a grand scale until now.”

The technology now exists that “provides mobile phones and other wireless devices with the ability to capture and decode the ever-present barcode,” which conceivably could allow consumers to “gain access to a complete list of the same product's availability and price variations at other retailers. Users can also download music samples, view movie trailers and sample the content of an item before deciding to make a purchase.”

XR23 explores the implications of this technology, as well as reporting on a number of other technology stories.

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