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USA Today reported that sometimes living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean making enormous changes in how one lives. Sometimes, it is a matter of doing the simple things, such as the following 10 ways - certified by science – to be healthier:

1. Brush and floss your teeth every day. (For obvious reasons.)
2. Go to the mall and walk around. (It is easy exercise.)
3. Eat dark chocolate. (Which fights blood clots and heart disease.)
4. Laugh more. (It keeps the blood vessels dilated.)
5. Have a healthy and frequent physical/intimate relationship. (We can’t use the common word because it’ll cause problems with spam filters.)
6. Get enough sleep. (It helps improve memory and attention.)
7. Take up yoga. (Increases flexibility and strength.)
8. Eat almonds. (Lowers cholesterol.)
9. Pray or meditate. (Good for the soul. So to speak.)
10. Eat Indian food. (Helps fight cancer and heart disease.)
KC's View:
We mention these items because it seems to us that food retailers ought to be finding ways to be relevant to shoppers’ lives…and keeping customers alive longer is a good start.

By the way, we did a little self-examination and figured out that we’ve been better at six out of ten of these lifestyle changes.

But there’s no way we’re going to tell you which six.