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Published reports say that c-store chain 7-Eleven will shortly begin rolling out a private label line of soft drinks called “Big Gulp,” after the mammoth sized fountain drinks long sold in its stores.

Four flavors will immediately be available in 20-ounce bottles: Diet Cola with Splenda, Cola with pure cane sugar, Mint Lime Twist and Ginger Apple Snap.

The chain said that in addition to having a product considered to be proprietary, the packaging also will be distinctive, with a wide mouth unusual among soft drinks. Other flavors are in the planning stages, as is a two-liter bottle that will expand the line.
KC's View:
You have to admire what 7-Eleven is doing – not only is it coming up with a unique product, but it is using a familiar, almost iconic brand name that is linked with the retail brand.

Which is how you maintain and expand a differential advantage.