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The Raleigh News & Observer reports on how a local 230-pound woman has lost more than 30 pounds by eating nothing but McDonald’s fast food for three months. And she wants to lose another 30.

She had some rules for her fast food pilgrimage – she ate only 1,400 calories a day (and said this wasn’t a problem because she has memorized the calorie content of virtually every item on the McDonald’s menu).

The woman, Merab Morgan, told the paper that she “dreams of becoming the McDonald's Corp.'s Jared Fogle, the Subway weight-loss poster boy.” She also said that she hopes to counter the impact of “Super Size Me,” the documentary by Morgan Spurlock that is extremely critical of the fast food chain.
KC's View:
Nutritionists seem to say routinely that anyone can lose weight by only eating one specific kind of food for prolonged period of time, especially when one limits the number of calories being consumed.

The question is whether this is good for you. And the answer, from people who understand this issue better than we do, always seems to be “no.”

Before Mickey D’s hires this woman to appear in commercials, we think it ought to check out the relative sanity of anyone who has the calorie count of McDonald’s menu items committed to memory.