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Local press reports around the country say that:

  • An Ohio man has been awarded $490,000 in damages by a jury that found that he had been discriminated against by his former employer, McDonald’s, because he had AIDS. The award was considerably less than the $5 million he won in 2001 but that was overturned on appeal by the fast feeder.

    The man’s attorney said she would appeal the award and ask for more money, saying that the judge erred when charging the jury.

    And McDonald’s said it might appeal as well, maintaining that it didn’t discriminate against the man.

  • The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) is threatening actions against Albertsons for converting one of its unionized Southern California stores to the non-union Bristol Farms format…even though Albertsons has said that nobody at the store – located in the Westchester section of the city – has lost their job.

  • Kroger has put 20 stores in Northern California on the market. Five are Ralphs units, and the others operate as either Cala Foods or Bell Markets.

  • Tidyman’s is closing two Montana units – more than 10 percent of its fleet. The Missoulan reports that the employee-owned company will close a Tidyman’s Northwest Fresh store and a County Market because of declining sales and market share.

  • In Texas, Minyard’s has decided to convert 11 stores currently operating either as Minyard Food Stores or as Sack n’ Save to its Hispanic-themed Carnival format.

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