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Reuters reports that despite the revelation just before the start of the July 4th holiday that a new case of mad cow disease had been detected in a Texas cow, the general sense around the country seems to be that there was no letup in meat consumption.

"I didn't see as many questions as I did when it originally came out a year and half ago. I think consumers have become a little more educated on the subject," Jeff Tucker, owner of Fred's Fine Meats in Denver, told the news service. He also said he trained his staff to handle any mad cow questions that might be asked.
KC's View:
We’re not sure that consumers are more educated. They might just be inured to all the discussion, and have tuned it out until such time as a specific problem that might affect them is reported.

That’s not necessarily a bad approach. But it would be a mistake to believe that because consumers aren’t overreacting, there really isn’t a problem with the meat supply and everything the government is doing is sufficient.

By the way, kudos to Tucker for educating his employees so they would be able to educate consumers. That’s the right kind of approach to marketing.