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The man who brought the world “Two-Buck Chuck” – drinkable wine that retailed at Trader Joe’s for $1.99 a bottle, creating a number of similarly priced copycat products – now has introduced a wine being called “Four-Buck Fred.”

The wines, marketed under the Napa Creek label, cost $3.99. The main difference between them and the $1.99 version is that the new wines are made from grapes grown in the Napa Valley. Winemaker Fred Franzia says that the new wines demonstrate that Napa wines can be produced for a reasonable price.

Of course, Franzia has been pushed in this direction by a court decision saying that wines marketed using the Napa name have to actually contain wine made from grapes harvested there.

The big question that seems to be on the minds of Napa’s other vintners: how will Franzia make money on such an inexpensive wine?
KC's View:
Just as long as the damned wine doesn’t come in bottles with screw tops, or in boxes, then we’re okay with it.