business news in context, analysis with attitude writes about a new gourmet supermarket retailer about to open in the Russian city: Globus Gourmet, owned by Stolichnaya Torgovaya Kompaniya (STK), which “will feature fresh produce farmed by the city's premier restaurateur, Arkady Novikov, and other exotic products.”

The initial store took the equivalent of $2.5 million (US) to build. There are two more Globus Gourmet stores planned by the end of the year, and ownership hopes to have as many as 15 operating by 2008. They certainly have a track record for this kind of expansion – restaurateur, Novikov owns some 60 Moscow restaurants.

"This is not a chain of boutiques, but a premium supermarket chain for everyday purchases," STK general director Andrei Yakovlev tells the Times.
KC's View:
The folks attending CIES may think they are operating in a time in which there is tough competition and numerous obstacles to success…but we can’t even imagine how tough it must be to launch this kind of operation in Moscow.

To ownership and management we say: “Na zdorovia.” And good luck.