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McDonald’s announced yesterday that as part of its strategy of creating a more health-oriented image, it will begin selling McKids-branded outdoor play equipment such as skateboards and bicycles that company CMO Larry Light said “are designed to make fitness fun.”

The products will not be sold by McDonald’s franchisees, but rather by retailers like Target and

It is just the latest move by McDonald’s, which has begin selling more salads and fresh fruit in its stores and even engineered a makeover of longtime mascot Ronald McDonald as a leaner, more active character.

However, the fast feeder continues to be lured by the dark side. The Chicago Tribune reports this morning that “fifteen months after McDonald's stopped offering ‘super-sized’ portions of french fries and soft drinks, its Chicago area restaurants are selling the extra-large sodas again.”

It is just a month-long promotion, and a McDonald’s spokesperson says that “this is not supersizing” but just a response to competitive pressures.
KC's View:
So much for Mickey D’s having the courage of its convictions…