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USA Today reports this morning that new research by the NPD Group shows that fresh fruit is the most popular snack among children today, and that “yogurt is in second place with children ages 2 to 7. Potato chips come in second for boys 7 to 12; it's gum for girls in that age group. Chocolate candy ranks in the top five for all children 2 to 12.”

The study is prompting some skepticism among nutritionists. Produce for Better Health Foundation, a non-profit group, says for example that most children need to eat twice the 1.3 servings of fruit that they eat each day.

Harry Balzer, vice president of NPD, tells USA Today that "we often forget that fruit is a very popular snack food in America. Families are trying to feed their families with healthy products."
KC's View:
Wait a minute.

Does this mean that NPD’s Balzer thinks that, as opposed to what he told the Chicago Tribune, sometimes people and times change?

We actually wonder if, in this case, the numbers generated by the NPD survey are accurate. They may just represent a slice of public opinion, not an accurate picture of the whole.

Or there is another possibility:

Balzer should recount his nickels.