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CNN reports on how Wendy’s is working overtime to reverse its recent problems, which have been typified by the report – since proved fraudulent – that a customer found a human finger in one of its bowls of chili.

“Wendy's has hinted that it will move up the launch of its new line of deli-style Frescata sandwiches to 2005,” CNN reports. And, ironically, CNN also notes that “while Wendy's tries to get people to eat more burgers, many on Wall Street say that the company's true growth potential may lie not in its traditional square patties, but in its Tim Hortons stores.

“Although Tim Hortons accounts for less than one-third of Wendy's International's total number of restaurants, the business, started by a former professional hockey player, contributed more to the company's operating income than Wendy's restaurants did in the first quarter.”
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