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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Kaiser Permanente's Oakland Medical Center has struck a deal with The Food Mill, a longtime area natural foods grocer, to open a health food store within the company’s medical complex.

The small market is called Food Farm'acy, is owned and, according to the Chronicle, “sells only items that are approved by Kaiser's chief physician, including whole-grain pasta, breakfast cereals, and crackers; organic rice cakes and canned beans; frozen fruits and vegetables; tofu; fruit juices; frozen buffalo; grass-fed beef; and a wide variety of medicinal teas. Kaiser officials say they hope the store promotes the idea that ‘good health begins with good eating’ and gives patients a ‘safe’ place to shop.”

The store is opening to patients, employees and the general public. The Chronicle notes, however, that the experiment hasn’t been without bumps in the road, as the store had to trim the amount of fresh produce it carried because too much had to be thrown away. Apparently, despite the healthy focus of the store, too many customers weren’t buying the organic fruits and vegetables and instead wanted prepared foods and microwaveable dishes.

Kaiser Permanente reportedly is considering opening similar stores in other medical facilities.
KC's View:
Talk about synergy.

This just makes so much sense, because healthy food and healthy eating habits are the key to a healthy lifestyle.