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A new survey by the American Dietetic Association and the ConAgra Foods Foundation suggests that while more than half of all Americans (53 percent) shop warehouse stores for groceries more often today than they did just one year ago, many of these shoppers are concerned about storage and safety issues that emerge when they buy massive quantities of food.

The two organizations have put together a food safety program specifically designed for warehouse club shoppers, with guidelines such as 1) always do your food shopping last when perusing a club store, 2) have an extra refrigerator/freezer for chilled and frozen club purchases, and make sure it is set at the right temperature, 3) know how long meats can be safely refrigerated or frozen before they need to be thrown out, 4) never refreeze thawed meat and poultry, and 5) pay attention to expiration dates, and don’t buy more food than you can safely store and consume.
KC's View:
We think that this is precisely the kind of role that stores need to play – educating the shopper about smart purchasing of food, and never assuming that the consumer knows anything.