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Remember the scene in “Father of the Bride” in which Steve Martin, stressed out by his daughter’s wedding plans, freaks out in the supermarket because there are never as many hot dog buns in a single package as there are hot dogs in a single pack?

Well, Chicago’s CBS-2 News reported this week that the guys at one bun company (Alpha Baking Co.) have reached an agreement with the folks at a hot dog company (Vienna Beef) that will have the same number of franks and buns being packaged – eight apiece.

Traditionally, hot dogs are sold eight to a pack, with buns selling with six or twelve a pack – which means that you have to buy 24 of each to have an equivalent number. The companies estimate that this means that more than two million buns are wasted each year.
KC's View:
Whew! After decades of tensions, this conflict finally has been resolved.

Maybe we could put the hot dog and bun negotiators onto the fillibuster thing…