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The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC), soon to be GS1 US, has announced that UCCnet and Transora have agreed in principle “to unite their operations, business strategies, and vision to ultimately form a single organization that can more effectively serve companies seeking to realize the value of data synchronization. Once approved, the new organization would be a subsidiary of UCC. The shared vision is to leverage the strengths of the two organizations by assisting retailers and manufacturers to more quickly realize the value of data synchronization.”

According to the prepared statement, “Formation of the new company is subject to the signing of a definitive agreement and approval by the boards of directors of both companies and the shareholders of Transora.”

Current Transora CEO Bob Noe will be CEO of the new company under the plan created by the merger.

"The planned unification of these two organizations opens up many exciting opportunities for our industry," Noe said. "By joining forces, we would make it even easier for retailers and manufacturers to establish a common approach for data synchronization that benefits all."
KC's View:
Seems to be a lot of this going around. After all, it was less than a month ago that GNX and the WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE) announced that they would merge their two businesses, combining “their technology solutions into a single platform that connects retailers, manufacturers, and their business trading partners to more efficiently and effectively share information and manage work processes.”