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There’s a controversy brewing about the annual seal hunt that takes place in Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island in Canada, with the Humane Society of the United States lobbying US companies to boycott Canadian seafood products because of concerns that the hunt is inhumane.

According to the CBC, Whole Foods has joined the boycott, and the Humane Society says that other companies "taking steps to reduce or end their Canadian seafood sales" are Legal Sea Foods, Downeast Seafood, Spectrum Organics, as well as U.K. retailing giant Marks and Spencer.

Now, however, Pierre-Ives Daoust, a biologist with the Atlantic Veterinary College, tells the CBC, "I will not say that it is done properly 100 per cent of the time, but the number of times that the animal is not killed as quickly as it could, or as it should, is very small as compared to what some animal welfare rights groups would lead the public to believe."

Animal rights activists say that up to 40 percent of seals killed are killed inhumanely.
KC's View:
We can only imagine the emails we’re going to get about the use of “blubbering” in our headline.

For the record, we were joking. It was just a play on words we couldn’t resist.