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The Boston Herald offers a profile of Shaws’ president Nicola DiFelice, with the following quotes standing out as she offers her view of the industry, her chain, and her management philosophy:

  • “At the end of the day we ask ourselves, is it going to be a benefit to the customer, and if it is, absolutely we’ll take it in.”

  • “I see, and I know Albertson’s sees, a very successful Shaw’s in the future. We continue to maintain and increase our market position in all our states as it makes sense to do so. We’re very strategic and deliberate.”

  • “You do need change in your career by taking calculated risks. And then there’s balance, where my being a working mom comes in. That’s one of the things I’ve tackled since I’ve taken on this role: when to turn off the Blackberry and shut down the computer and go home.

    “Actually, I’m quite good at it. You can’t let your job consume you.”

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Computers have an off button?