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Internet Retailer reports on a company called DVD Empire that has decided to one-up Netflix by offering premium-priced guaranteed Saturday delivery by UPS of DVDs ordered on the company’s website on Fridays.

“We had so many customers calling us on Fridays to upgrade their shipping to UPS Saturday,” Alicia Berry, director of operations, tells the publication. “Since our web site gives customers complete control over their orders until it leaves the property, we thought we would offer the customer the capability of asking for Saturday delivery at checkout or modification of order pages, even for orders created in the past.”
KC's View:
This story just shows how time and an ever-demanding consumer population ratchets up the ante for what retailers can and should offer.

The big change, of course, is coming – and will make UPS, the USPS and FedEx all irrelevant when it comes to delivering content. It’ll be when people can download movies onto their computers via the Internet. And if you don’t think than can and will happen, well, you obviously don’t own an iPod.