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Some people and companies bemoan the fact that a number of school districts are banning the sale of unhealthy products in the schools as a result of concerns about childhood obesity.

And one can only imagine how some would feel about the new policy ay St. Michael’s National School in limerick, Ireland, where they’ve actually forbidden the children from bringing sweets and junk food to school in their lunch boxes.

But one person’s outrage is another’s opportunity.

Which is probably why Superquinn, the legendary Irish supermarket chain, decided to sponsor fruit days at St. Michael’s, introducing different kinds of fruits to the students on different days of the week.

The school also went one step further, enlisting a local restaurant to send a representative to the school to teach the kids how to make fruit smoothies.
KC's View:
Opportunity comes in many forms.

This week, for example, would have been a great week for supermarkets to send representatives into the schools as volunteers to explain the new nutrition pyramid and answer food questions from kids.