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USA Today reports this morning on a new study by the University of Connecticut and the Kagoshima Prefectural Cattle Breeding Development Institute in Japan that suggests that “there is no difference between meat and milk from cloned livestock and those foods obtained from conventionally bred cattle.”

The scientists examined the composition of meat from two cloned beef cattle and milk from four cloned dairy cows.

The paper notes that “there is now no law governing the sale of meat or milk from the estimated 1,000 to 2,000 cloned farm animals in the USA. Since 2003, the FDA has asked producers to voluntarily keep the meat and milk of these animals, as well as that of their offspring, out of the food supply.” The FDA is expected to rule soon on whether meat and milk from cloned animals should be sold for human consumption.
KC's View:
Who wouldn’t have faith in something called the “Prefectural Cattle Breeding Development Institute”?


Sounds like something out of “Westworld.”