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  • UK retailer Somerfield reportedly will be meeting with two different companies that have expressed an interest in acquiring the 1,300-unit company.

  • Wal-Mart’s Asda Group in the UK reportedly will open 48 new pharmacies inside its traditional stores, a move made possible by the relaxation of government regulations there. Fifteen of the pharmacies will open this year, and the rest next year.

  • The New York Times reports this morning that Splenda – the brand name used for artificial sweetener sucralose, which is the target of lawsuits alleging fraudulent advertising – is about to become available in a brown “sugar” version.

    The NYT writes, “Splenda brown sugar is likely to add to the legal debate brewing over Splenda's marketing campaign. The Sugar Association, which represents the sugar industry; Merisant, the maker of the aspartame based artificial sweetener NutraSweet; and a lawyer in San Diego have filed lawsuits against McNeil contending that Splenda's marketing misleads consumers” about how close it is to actual sugar.

  • Retalix announced its acquisition of TCI Solutions and Integrated Distribution Solutions (IDS).

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