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USA Today reports that when Sesame Street begins its 36th season next week, it will be working to educate children about nutrition, obesity and proper eating.

Proof positive: even Cookie Monster is getting with the program, declaring that cookies are only a “sometime food.”

The paper reports that “regulars Big Bird, Elmo and others are being joined by new vegetable Muppets. They'll encourage kids to ‘eat your colors,’ play the ‘healthy foods name game’ and sing ‘The Mango Tango.’ And they'll tackle one of the most painful repercussions of obesity in kids: teasing and bullying.”

The emphasis also will be on getting kids to exercise...hoping to encourage in young people habits that they can carry with them into adulthood.
KC's View:
One of the great things about Sesame Street has been that parents often watch it with their kids, and there is a whole other level of humor and information that gets imparted to these older viewers. So maybe this new health consciousness being communicated on Sesame Street will have an even broader impact than they realize.