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Masterfoods USA, maker of M&M’s, announced that it will be introducing a new dark chocolate version of the popular candy – going over to the “dark side” in a promotion linked to the release of "Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith," the sixth and final episode of the Star Wars saga.

The dark chocolate version is being called the “Darth Mix” and will come in black, maroon, purple, dark blue and silver. The traditional chocolate version is being called the "Jedi Mix" with its new colors: beige, cream, pastel green, gold and "light-saber blue.”
KC's View:
Expect an almost sickening amount of promotion keyed to the new “Star Wars” film, a movie we’re already tired of and it hasn’t been released yet. We’ve received numerous press releases over the past few days about how Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us all are calling themselves the best place to find new Star Wars toys…and the hype is only going to get louder. Considering that that last two “Star Wars” movies didn’t do much to add luster to the franchise, we’re a little dubious about this one.

Then again, we could be wrong. We were writing a film column for our college newspaper, the Los Angeles Loyolan back in the spring of 1977 and received a press kit from 20th Century Fox for a new science fiction movie that, in our opinion, looked absolutely schlocky. “What is Alec Guinness doing making cheap sci-fi films?” we wondered. The movie, of course, was the original “Star Wars,” proving among other things that 22-year-old film critics don’t know nearly as much as they think they do.

Neither do 50-year-old retailing pundits, for that matter. We’re just more open-minded, that’s all.