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Good piece on about the marketing dilemma facing Dunkin’ Donuts, which traditionally has been a blue-collar morning refuge with its roots in the blue collar neighborhoods near Boston.

Today, of course, that’s not a position that Dunkin’ Donuts wants to maintain. Instead, it is seeking to improve its food offerings with such items as steak, egg and cheese sandwiches, offering such amenities as wireless Internet access and a nicer place to sit and have a cup of coffee, and a shifting emphasis to gourmet espresso drinks – though doing so in a more populist manner that doesn’t position it directly against Starbucks.

The problem is that Dunkin’ Donuts has to expand its market without alienating its core – a problem for any retailer looking to grow a business in a highly competitive marketplace.
KC's View:
Achieving this goal is a challenge. Just ask Krispy Kreme.

We actually think that Dunkin’ Donuts is doing a pretty good job. The doughnuts are still pretty good (though we haven’t forgiven them for dropping the “doughnut with a handle” that was a mainstay for decades), and the coffee excellent.

And that’s a pretty good base upon which to build.