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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that Frito-Lay, not satisfied with having a 65 percent market share in the $15 billion salty snack category, plans to more aggressively market its major brands and develop a portfolio of more successful smaller brands.

According to the WSJ, company president Irene Rosenfeld told an analysts group yesterday that the company needs “to focus more on boosting its 15% share of the "macrosnacks" business, which generates about $90 billion a year. That category broadly includes cookies, crackers, yogurt, candy and other packaged foods.” The paper reports that Rosenfeld plans to “reposition some of Frito-Lay's core salty-snack brands while pumping more money into smaller products with high-growth potential, such as Sun Chips multigrain snacks, nuts and salsa,” and in doing so, plans to write a "new chapter in the Frito-Lay growth story.”
KC's View:
Y’think maybe they ought to change the name of the “salty snacks” category? Just a thought…especially if salty is suddenly going to be demonized…