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The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) reports that 2004 organic food and beverage sales were $10.9 billion, an increase of 18% versus 2003. However, fewer US consumers reportedly used organics - down to about 30 percent, from 40 percent of the population in 2003. NMI also reports that consumer awareness of organic foods has also grown to the point that 90% of the population reports they have heard of organics, exceeding consumer knowledge about such food-related issues as sustainable agriculture, functional foods, biotechnology, net carbs and trans-fats.

NMI defines about 9.2 percent of the general population as “devoted” organic users; 16.7 percent as “temperate” users, and 3.8 percent as “dabblers.”
KC's View:
We think this is just a temporary blip. 2003 was an all-time high…but unless we miss our guess, it won’t be a record that lasts for long.