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The Edmonton Sun reports that Les Sayer, a teacher at Canada’s NorQuest College, has decided to debunk the Morgan Spurlock documentary “Super Size Me” by going on a McDonald’s-only diet…and getting precisely the opposite results that Spurlock did.

While Spurlock saw his weight, cholesterol and blood pressure go up, Sayer has lost 13 pounds and seen his blood pressure decrease – and says it is because he’s been working out for an hour per day.

"It's not McDonald's food that's unhealthy,” he says. “It's the lifestyle you lead."
KC's View:
We won’t be sending our kids to NorQuest, and we’re very glad that this guy isn’t one of their teachers.

Of course lifestyle is important, and more exercise is better than no exercise.

But McDonald’s food isn’t good for you, especially if you eat too much of it.

In this case, the fries and burgers seem to be eating away at the brain cells.

And the “D” in Mickey D’s may stand for “deluded.”