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MNB reported earlier this week that in Denver, the head of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) has urged his membership to reject a contract proposal made by a federal mediator, saying that the proposal "will destroy your contract, it will destroy your health and welfare provisions, it hurts current, retired and future workers.

Well, that’s one opinion.

On the other hand, reports the Wall Street Journal this morning, “UFCW International Union President Joe Hansen, however, said in a written statement that the offer was a major improvement over what was proposed last year and would ensure affordable health care for members. He didn't say whether the deal should be approved.”

The proposal by the mediator – which was made after a request by Kroger’s King Soopers – appears to be consistent with recent negotiated settlements, with lower starting wages and benefits for employees hired after September 11, 2004, which is when the old contract expired.

The UFCW has approve or reject the proposal by March 5, though no vote has been scheduled. Rejection would not necessarily lead to a strike, according to the union.

While it does not appear that the King Soopers situation is close to resolution, it may be closer than similar problems at Albertsons and Safeway, where the companies have not requested a proposal from the mediator.
KC's View:
Memo to the UFCW.

It is hard to maintain relevance if you can’t make up your mind.