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The Vancouver Sun reports that Canadian grocer Loblaw is introducing a new President’s Choice Blue Menu line, which will eventually comprise 200 SKUs “that lower calories, lower fat and raise fibre content.”

“Among the new products,” the paper reports, “ is a pizza containing 40 per cent less fat, an orange juice with one-third less sugar and one-third fewer calories and a high-fibre cereal which, in a small 30-gram serving, has 13 grams of fibre, half of the minimum daily amount recommended by dieticians.”

The company says that the line has been designed to be both flavorful and affordable, and took two years of research and development to perfect.

The paper notes that a recent survey of British Columbia residents said that 61 percent of respondents said that they don’t eat healthier food because it costs too much, 43 percent said that it took too much time to read nutrition labels, and 31 percent said they are too busy to take the time. In addition, 86 per cent said they don't trust manufacturers' health claims.
KC's View:
Sounds like there are a lot of British Columbians who are just looking for excuses. The challenge for Loblaw – and every other company in this segment – is to go beyond the “preaching to the converted” stage and actually bring new customers to the table.

If anyone can do it, though, it’ll be Loblaw – which practically reinvented and legitimized private label with President’s Choice.