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So last night we tried a 2004 Shiraz from Australia’s The Wishing Tree winery, which is a nice little $10 wine that starts off a little sharp but mellows out nicely.

We were surprised to find, when we reached for a corkscrew, that the wine was in a screw-top bottle. But being open-minded, we tried it anyway. And did our best to ignore the top.

Interesting note, though. On the back label it says: “This wine delivers classic Shiraz characters…pop a bottle to enjoy with food and friends.”

Pop a bottle? Don’t think so. But somehow, “unscrew a bottle” doesn’t sound nearly as cool, and certainly doesn’t belong on the same label as the phrase “classic characters.”

There’s a lesson here. We know there are supply and cost issues with cork, but we can’t help but worry that this use of screw tops will only devalue the entire segment.

And on that note, have a good weekend.

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