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The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald’s Super Bowl commercials, featuring a French fry that looked like Abraham Lincoln and ended up being auctioned on eBay, is that company’s attempt to create a “viral buzz” that will be spread by consumers.

In this case, McDonald’s has created a website with fake blogs and a real auction of the fry, with proceeds donated to Ronald McDonald House.
KC's View:
Gee, we thought that McDonald’s had that commercial because there was nothing good or new to say about its food.

Analysts say that it is an attempt by McDonald’s to stay “forever young.” We think it will result in it being increasingly irrelevant.

Then again, maybe we’re just being harsh because we just screened “Super Size Me” for our kids.

The real virus is Americans' willingness to eat crappy food, give it to their children, and then send it to the rest of the world.