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Industry issues, initiatives and challenges can look vastly different, depending on your perspective. This year, at Western Michigan University’s annual Food Marketing Conference, one of the sessions will endeavor to engage both industry leaders and university students in an examination of the critical challenges facing the business – in essence, talking about the issues and problems that most people don’t want to talk about. The goal will be to bridge the generational divide, stimulate fresh thinking, and expose each side’s preconceptions and misconceptions.

Among the industry leaders who have already agreed to appear – Michael Sansolo, senior v.p. at the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). And moderating the session – leading the participants through the minefield of industry issues – will be Kevin Coupe, “Content Guy” at

But here’s where you come in: We want to know what issues you think ought to be discussed, what usually unmentionable topics not only ought to be mentioned, but examined…even at the risk of political incorrectness.

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