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We got an email from MNB user Kerley LeBoeuf last week:

How about a “round price” on the wines?

Expensive great wines are….well…. expensive.

Inexpensive really good wines are what all of us seek. A round number would ignite our chase or permit us to be glad you enjoyed the expensive wine.

We’ve actually gotten a few emails over the years asking us to put a price on the wines that we mention. We’ve tried it once or twice, but then run into complaints because prices can vary widely depending on what part of the country you live in. And we don’t want to mislead anyone.

So here’s some general guidance. With rare exceptions, all of the wine we drink runs under $20 per bottle…and often is under $15. We usually are more concerned with trying lots of different kinds of wines as opposed to keeping to a specific price point…

Here’s a point about that, though. We’ve gotten experimental about what we drink because we’ve been encouraged to do so by a smart wine retailer with a great wine club. Rather than selling the same old stuff, he always stocks new and interesting wines and encourages lots of sampling. By doing so, we’ve drifted into spending more money and drinking more wine.

And that’s a good thing.

Here are three wines that we’ve had this week that we’ve liked a lot:

A Jacob’s Creek 2002 Merlot, an Australian wine that is wonderfully smooth; a Montes 2003 Malbec from Chile, which has an interesting sharpness to it, and went great the other night with a nice Chicken Marsala; and a Sakonnet 2002 Cabernet Franc from Rhode Island – which was terrific, and a good example of how the wine industry in the US is diversifying and maturing.

Have a great weekend!

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