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The New York Times reports on a new trend by a variety of manufacturers – to offer premium products designed for dogs and cats that will appeal to the 76 million pet owners in the Us who spend more than $34 billion a year on such products.

Companies embracing this strategy include Omaha Steaks (which makes beef jerky for dogs and cats), Gucci, Harley-Davidson, Ikea, Lands' End, Paul Mitchell and Ralph Lauren.

This strategy, according to the NYT, “shows a change in attitude toward pets, which are now commonly treated almost like children” by “baby boomers and young married professionals with plenty of disposable income.” And the trend is believed by most analysts to be just in its infancy.
KC's View:
Sounds like a great market for retailers and manufacturers, though we have to admit to being mystified by it to a certain extent. Even before we had kids, we’ve always sort of been able to tell the difference between children and pets. (But we recognize that making this distinction doesn’t always make us popular.)

You can count on one thing, though. If baby boomers are offered yet another way to be indulgent, they’ll embrace it. (This also is a sentiment that doesn’t make us universally popular. See “Your Views” below…)