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  • Wal-Mart Japan COO Jeff McAllister has said that the company plans to pump money into Seiyu, the Japanese retailer that it owns a piece of. "We are looking at the current equity situation within the company and do believe we need to address that in the near term,” he said.

  • Wal-Mart, which has found the German marketplace to be inhospitable to its plans for expansion and profit, has decided to create an environment of hospitality in many of its stores there – by hosting singles events on Friday nights.

    The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that “Wal-Mart officials in Germany say they know of about 30 couples who found each other at a singles shopping night. In fact, the events have become such hits in Germany, increasing Friday night sales 25%, that Wal-Mart has trademarked the name "Singles Shopping" to deter copycats.

KC's View:
We can’t help it. Whenever we think of singles nights at supermarkets, we think of Otter trying to romance Mrs. Wormer in the produce aisle.

And if you don’t get the movie reference…well, you’re young enough that you should keep it to yourself.