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What a week…

It was an extraordinary few days out in the Pacific Northwest, topped off by a terrific evening at Etta’s Seafood in Seattle, where a number of MNB users stopped by for a glass of wine and some great conversation. It was great to meet people who read MNB on a daily basis, and to put faces and voices to the names and email addresses that we so often see.

This is what makes the MNB community special…people who share more than an industry, and who have a passion for what we all do and a sense that frank conversation is one of the best ways to play offense and create an environment in which innovative thinking can thrive.

We’re grateful to all of you for making this possible.

And to the many of you who have written to ask where we’ll be traveling next and when we’ll be holding a get-together in your town…we’ll let you know. (We’ve made one commitment already, though we haven’t come up with a date. When we go to Kansas City, we’re going to eschew wine and have the event instead at Arthur Bryant’s barbecue joint…)

We tasted some lovely wines this week, and were taken by retailing friends in Oregon to visit some of the excellent wineries that are located in that wonderful state. (We’re considering moving MNB World Headquarters there…maybe to the backroom of a winery, if we can figure out the logistics.) We will be writing more about some of those wines in coming days.

One of our favorites from the week was a 2001 Snoqualmie Syrah from Washington State’s Columbia Valley…we enjoyed it at Etta’s on Wednesday night…it was rich and smooth and perfect, by the way, with Etta’s incomparable black bean and smoked ham soup, served with tomatillo salsa.

While in Seattle, by the way, we also stopped by a new restaurant opened by chef Tom Douglas – Lola’s, a Greek-themed place that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. For our breakfast there, we ordered red wine braised Pacific octopus, served with hunks of bacon, enormous chunks of toast/croutons and a fried egg. Yummy….this was served in a bowl, like a cross between a stew and a chowder, and the octopus was melt-in-your-mouth tender. It was rich and bracing for a cool and rainy Pacific Northwest morning. (Maybe we have to move MNB World Headquarters to Lola’s…) Fantastic!

And what a weekend it is going to be….

Sunday, we’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. (We’ll be wearing bib # 1952, in case you happen to be in DC as a spectator…or another runner.) Hopefully the weather will be cool, the wind will be at our back and the knees will be sturdy.

Mrs. Content Guy thinks we’re nuts…that this is an act of middle-aged bravado that demonstrates only that as we get older we don’t get any smarter. (No argument there…)

With any luck at all, we’ll survive it…and be back Monday morning with an all-new edition of MNB.

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